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Case Study: Kingman Wind

Case Study: Kingman Wind

Evergy is committed to providing our customers with cost-effective, reliable renewable energy solutions to help build a more sustainable future. In fact, Evergy is committed to being 100% carbon neutral by 2045.

At Evergy, we have decades of experience in developing diverse energy solutions with substantial long-term power cost benefits to utility, municipality, cooperative, and industrial customers. This in-depth knowledge of the energy markets, understanding of utility planning, and day to day operations makes Evergy an excellent partner.

“For a decade, Evergy has been leading the investment in Kansas green energy,” said John Bridson, Vice President, Generation. “Evergy will be supplying neighboring Kansas utilities with renewable energy at attractive prices that would not otherwise be available to them. By sharing our buying power, we’re able to help others be even greener in serving their customers, too. These agreements help move our state toward a more modern power supply benefiting everyone.”

In 2017, Evergy partnered with wholesale customers to provide fractional shares of Kingman Wind Energy center in Kingman County.


Our Goal: Partner with Kansas utilities to provide renewable energy

One of Evergy’s wholesale customers, McPherson, desired to add renewables to their portfolio.

“We know that a stronger emphasis has been placed on performance metrics measuring energy efficiency and sustainability practices for many of our large industrial customers. They are expected not only to meet environmental standards but to exceed them. The McPherson BPU wants to support customer renewability, sustainability, and efficiency efforts and to be considered more of a partner in our customer’s green initiatives”, says McPherson Board of Public Utilities Key Account Manager, Kasi Morales.

[Evergy] continues to be a great partner, and I remain very pleased that we advanced that partnership one step further with our renewable Power Purchase Agreement.”—Mark Wurm, McPherson Board of Public Utilities Assistant General Manager “[Evergy] has been a great partner to McPherson throughout the years, so this makes good sense.”—Tom Brown, Mayor of McPherson


About Kingman Wind Energy Center

Quick Stats

  • Broke ground in 2016, completed in 2017
  • Generates over 200MW of energy
  • Enough electricity to power over 50,000 homes
  • Contributed to Kansas ranking 5th in the nation for wind power generation

Project Details

Wind Turbines

The Kingman Wind Energy Center is a collection of 120 turbines that generate enough energy to power over three times the amount of homes in McPherson. As wind blows, each turbine captures energy as its propellers are turned around a central rotor, which spins a generator that converts the wind energy into electricity.

Meeting Consumer Demand

The wind energy center allowed McPherson to better serve their customers by diversifying their energy portfolio and increasing the amount of renewable energy used to power customers’ homes. Customers are increasingly looking to their energy providers to utilize renewable energy sources like wind, and the Kingman Wind Energy Center allowed the McPherson Board of Public Utilities to meet this demand while maintaining the affordable rates customers enjoy.

Now is the right time to invest in renewable energy for your municipality or cooperative. Learn more about Evergy Energy Partners’ renewable energy solutions.

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