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Portfolio Management

Case Study: People's Electric Cooperative

People's Electric Cooperative (PEC), an electric cooperative serving rural areas in south-central Oklahoma, joined forces with Evergy Energy Partners...

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Strategic Planning Through Uncertainty

The energy industry is experiencing unprecedented levels of uncertainty caused by economic fluctuations, supply chain issues, electrification, and...

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Mitigating Market Volatility in SPP

The development of more wind farms and solar arrays, along with conventional unit retirements and high natural gas prices have increased volatility...

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Workers in Truck

Building a Low-Risk Energy Portfolio

Energy is a constantly evolving industry with a delicate balance of both regulation and competition in the market. Each day, the United States per...

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solar farm

Monetizing Your Energy Assets

Advances in energy technology have shifted how the electrical grid is structured. A system that once relied mostly on centralized, carbon-intensive...

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