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Madison started her career with Evergy as an intern in June of 2020 after graduating from Pittsburg State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and majored in Marketing. Madison was then hired full-time in August. Her role as a Marketing Manager for Evergy Energy Partners is to enhance the relationship between EEP and their clients through marketing and communication efforts. What does she love most about Evergy? “I admire the way Evergy values people,” she said. “Whether an employee or customer, you will always be respected.”



Strategic Planning Through Uncertainty

The energy industry is experiencing unprecedented levels of uncertainty caused by economic fluctuations, supply chain issues, electrification, and the shift to renewable generation. If your strategy is to wait out the uncertainty and plan for when things “return to normal”, it may be time to rethink your strategic planning.

Modern energy management requires a modern approach to strategic planning, one that embraces uncertainty, mitigates risk, and quickly adapts to new scenarios.

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