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Case Study: McPherson, Kansas

Case Study: McPherson, Kansas

Evergy is committed to being 100% carbon neutral by 2045. Our decades of experience developing diverse energy solutions support our municipal customers in offering affordable and reliable renewable energy solutions.

For more than 50 years, Evergy has partnered with McPherson, Kansas to secure competitively low rates and unbeatable reliability for their growing number of industrial customers. In recent years, we’ve worked together to diversify McPherson’s energy portfolio with renewable sources.

About McPherson, Kansas

The City of McPherson is located in central Kansas at the intersection of Interstate 135 and Route 56. With approximately 14,000 residents, McPherson is one of the most industrialized small communities in the United States.

They are home to many large-scale facilities including Pfizer, Johns Manville, CHS Oil Refinery, Viega, and more. Many of their industrial customers run mission-critical operations that require reliable energy.

Our Goal: Provide Affordable Renewable Energy to Industry

The City of McPherson is committed to meeting the growing demand for renewable energy from local residents and industry, while securing competitively low rates and improving reliability for mission-critical operations.

About McPherson’s partnership with Evergy

The long-standing partnership between Evergy Energy Partners and McPherson dates back to 1963. McPherson’s commitment to competitive electric rates, unbeatable reliability, and renewable energy have increased industry to the area while partnering with Evergy.


  • More than 40% of energy in McPherson comes from renewable sources
  • Energy rates are 26% lower than the national average
99.9% reliability rating
1,560 commercial and industrial electric customers

Project Details:

Over the years, Evergy has partnered with McPherson on a variety of initiatives to secure renewable energy sources while maintaining low rates and improving reliability, including:

  • Marketing McPherson’s 235 MW generation capacity into Southwest Power Pool (SPP)
Collaborating on how to add renewable energy to existing power supply

  • Adding wind generation to McPherson’s power supply with the 300 MW Soldier Creek Wind Farm and 200 MW Kingman Wind Farm

Project Partners

McPherson Board of Public Utilities is committed to providing safe, reliable water and electric services to the residents and industry of McPherson and the surrounding area. Their customers receive competitive rates through their interconnect agreement with Evergy as an on-call peak generation provider.

Now is the right time to invest in renewable energy for your municipality. Learn more about Evergy Energy Partners’ renewable energy solutions.

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